35 Reasons Why Summer Rocks in Encinitas

Summer is finally here!  Can't you feel it?  See it?  Smell it?  Kids are out of school.  Camps are filling up, people are renting vacation homes.  The "Zonies" are coming!  People are flocking to our town to enjoy the vibes, sea air and all the events we have to offer all summer long.  Below are 35 Reasons Why Summer Rocks in Encinitas and some of our suggestions for summer fun: Take a … [Read more...]

Gone Fishing! Best Fishing in San Diego

Ah…, the troubles we face here in Encinitas when it comes to fishing.  Freshwater or Saltwater? Most wouldn’t think of Encinitas as a popular fishing destination, but it actually does have some relatively close freshwater fishing lakes and coastal waters. Believe it or not, San Diego county is historically known around the world for its largemouth bass population and world-class blue catfish. So … [Read more...]