35 Reasons Why Summer Rocks in Encinitas

Summer is finally here!  Can't you feel it?  See it?  Smell it?  Kids are out of school.  Camps are filling up, people are renting vacation homes.  The "Zonies" are coming!  People are flocking to our town to enjoy the vibes, sea air and all the events we have to offer all summer long.  Below are 35 Reasons Why Summer Rocks in Encinitas and some of our suggestions for summer fun: Take a … [Read more...]

The 3 Best Ways to Travel via Public Transportation in Encinitas

Let’s face it, we’re no New York City. We don’t have subways and cabs constantly surrounding us, ready to take us wherever we need to go at all times. It would take us quite some time to walk from place to place, and downtown is a pretty decent drive away from us. With that being said, scenic drives are one of the best aspects about living in Encinitas. Instead, coastal highways and curvy … [Read more...]