Step Away from the Screen: Three Great Theater Companies in Encinitas

Encinitas has beaches, restaurants, nail salons, yoga dens, and car shops in abundance.  But did you know that there is a dynamic professional repertory company specializing in none other than the Bard himself, Will Shakespeare?  Intrepid Shakespeare Company puts on top-flight professional theater for about the cost of a movie, and is one of three great theater companies in Encinitas and the … [Read more...]

The Best Historic Sites in Encinitas and San Diego

From the time a certain Father Marcos and his troupe came to San Diego in 1539 on a gold-hunting escapade, looking for the mythical  "Seven Cities of Cibola," the city has had a picaresque charm, conjuring up a rogues gallery of horsemen, leather-necked fisherman, soldiers, explorers, and aviators.  Transitioning to American rule from Mexico after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, it wasn't … [Read more...]

At the Trough: 4 Encinitas Joints for Feeding a Crowd

It's a familiar drill: you and your significant other, sick of shopping, cooking, and cleaning, give each other the "let's go out" look. You have a spot or two in mind: that new place serving meticulously crafted, boat-fresh urchin or that post-modern taco place with 50,000 pure agave tequilas on the menu. But wait! There are kids to be fed, and the kids have friends, and your brother-in law might … [Read more...]

Need a Spot to Throw the Football Around? Here Are 4 Great Parks in Encinitas

What makes a great park?  This is a trick question of course, as everyone's definition is different.  Urban Planners use the terms "passive" and "active" recreation to distinguish between quiet, contemplative spaces and park area designated for active sports.  The two uses are not always compatible, and in areas where parkland is scarce, like San Francisco and New York, passive spaces are often … [Read more...]

Bauhaus to Beach House: Great Design Stores in Encinitas

Slowly, and I mean slowly, Encinitas is moving away from its worship of heinous, corporate homes built by behemoths like Shea and Hovnanian.  Oversized homes, aka "Stuccostrocities," should have vanished for good in the hangover of the last recession, and indeed, if you travel around our fair burg, you can see that a newer, more resource-constrained model of home building and design is starting to … [Read more...]