35 Reasons Why Summer Rocks in Encinitas

Summer is finally here!  Can't you feel it?  See it?  Smell it?  Kids are out of school.  Camps are filling up, people are renting vacation homes.  The "Zonies" are coming!  People are flocking to our town to enjoy the vibes, sea air and all the events we have to offer all summer long.  Below are 35 Reasons Why Summer Rocks in Encinitas and some of our suggestions for summer fun: Take a … [Read more...]

Step Away from the Screen: Three Great Theater Companies in Encinitas

Encinitas has beaches, restaurants, nail salons, yoga dens, and car shops in abundance.  But did you know that there is a dynamic professional repertory company specializing in none other than the Bard himself, Will Shakespeare?  Intrepid Shakespeare Company puts on top-flight professional theater for about the cost of a movie, and is one of three great theater companies in Encinitas and the … [Read more...]

HB2U! Where To Shop In Encinitas For A Kid’s Birthday

Where To Find A Great Birthday Gift For a Child In Or Near Encinitas If you're like many parents, the invitations to your kids' friends' birthday parties come in fast and furious. And, while shopping at Target is many moms' favorite pastimes (especially if we get to go alone), showing up with a gift that three other people also brought can be unsatisfying. It can be challenging to find that … [Read more...]

Encinitas Community Park Is A Recreational Haven

Leslie Knope made us giggle endlessly on Parks and Recreation but there's nothing funny about the immense joy a new park can bring to a town. That's exactly what Encinitas Community Park has done for our favorite seaside city. Located at 425 Santa Fe Boulevard, this 44-acre park features a giant, fun-filled playground, walking paths, a skate plaza, ballfields, recreation areas, a … [Read more...]

Soccer Shots – A Fantastic Franchise Near You!

If you think your child can only have fun if he or she can bend it like Beckham, you haven't experienced Soccer Shots (and you might be just a wee bit too competitive – just saying). This San Diego franchise offers a program that is equal parts fun and soccer fundamentals, setting the scene for those who just want to kick it around and those who see a future scoring goals. Having gotten its start … [Read more...]

What Recession? Check Out These New Businesses In Encinitas

It's good to live in Encinitas, folks. Between the killer surf spots, the top-notch nightlife scene, and the overall zen vibe, Encinitas pretty much has it all. It's no surprise, then, that businesses are drawn to this idyllic SoCal town and, lately, it seems like new establishments are popping up faster than the breaks at Moonlight Beach. Life sure is hopping 'round here and, below, we've shared … [Read more...]

5 of the Best Places for Reflexology around Encinitas

Everybody needs a little R&R, and what better way to de-stress than with the hot-as-wildfire wellness trend and ancient healing art of reflexology.  With roots dating back to 2300 BC, the treatment is a little "woo woo," but hey: don't knock it 'til you try it.    Reflexology operates on the idea that Qi or "life force" can be blocked and held in different areas of the body preventing the … [Read more...]

Coastal Community Spotlight: Stacey Brooke

I first met Stacey Brooke back in 2013 at Blackline MMA training gym. I’m not quite sure how two girls become friends in between the Russian kettlebell swing and the infamous kettlebell lunge press, but oddly enough we did. It's been a pleasure knowing her ever since. Stacey Brooke is the type of girl you'll never forget. Her amazing personality, combined with her graceful and classy beach style, … [Read more...]

Hidden Gems Around Encinitas: 6 Things You Might Not Know

There are things that anyone who has visited knows about Encinitas, like the fact that Moonlight Beach is the bomb, Trattoria i Trulli has the best Italian food, and Whole Foods is always packed. Always. Then there's a rather hidden side of Encinitas that perhaps only those who have lived here for years know about this scenic seaside town. Whether it's where to access the beach to get some … [Read more...]

5 Places With the Best Caribbean Food in Encinitas and San Diego

San Diego has one of the best food scenes in the country.  Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Spanish… you name it, we're pretty darn good at it.  Caribbean food is no exception, whether it's plates of fried cassava root or jerk chicken sandwiches.  So without further ado, here are our picks for the places with the best Caribbean food in Encinitas and San Diego.  BYONapkins (totally kidding, these places … [Read more...]