Fight the Doldrums With These Top Amusement Parks in San Diego

If you're a parent who lives in Encinitas or anywhere in San Diego, you might have the feeling that you live in one, giant amusement park. You know why? You do! With endless parks and beaches and weather that allows us to be outdoors all year long, we're pretty darn lucky. In the end, though, kids are kids, and love of amusement parks is in their DNA. Fortunately for us San Diegans, on top of … [Read more...]

The Best Historic Sites in Encinitas and San Diego

From the time a certain Father Marcos and his troupe came to San Diego in 1539 on a gold-hunting escapade, looking for the mythical  "Seven Cities of Cibola," the city has had a picaresque charm, conjuring up a rogues gallery of horsemen, leather-necked fisherman, soldiers, explorers, and aviators.  Transitioning to American rule from Mexico after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, it wasn't … [Read more...]

The 5 Best Places for Tarot Cards in Encinitas and San Diego

Can randomly drawn cards have relevance to someone's life and what's happening in it?  Proponents of Tarot believe so.  Most readers say that Tarot can enlighten you about the choices you have.  The cards don't tell you what's going to happen to you in the future, or tell you what you should do, but rather the cards show you different possibilities depending on what path you take.   Tarot can … [Read more...]

Boo! 5 Halloween Activities in Encinitas That’ll Make Your Kids Howl

Ghosts and ghouls and goblins, oh my! It's that time of year, as kids gear up for Halloween by choosing costumes, picking pumpkins, bobbing for apples, and hopping on hay rides. There's nothing quite like autumn and, while some might say SoCal residents don't experience the seasons, we beg to differ. The air gets crisper as the sun becomes less intense, making this the perfect time of year to take … [Read more...]

Kid Friendly Meals: 5 Healthy Options Your Lil’ Sprouts Will Love

Got a Picky Pete and Fussy Francesca at home? Join the (Miserable Moms) club. Being a mother is hard enough, and now we're constantly bombarded with online information about gluten, processed foods, and GMOs. If you live in or near Encinitas, you know that we North County San Diegans appreciate the value of good health. They don't call our town "Omcinitas" for nothing. Finding meals that are both … [Read more...]

At the Trough: 4 Encinitas Joints for Feeding a Crowd

It's a familiar drill: you and your significant other, sick of shopping, cooking, and cleaning, give each other the "let's go out" look. You have a spot or two in mind: that new place serving meticulously crafted, boat-fresh urchin or that post-modern taco place with 50,000 pure agave tequilas on the menu. But wait! There are kids to be fed, and the kids have friends, and your brother-in law might … [Read more...]

Serenity Now! 5 Luxury Hotels Near Encinitas

San Diego is known as a pretty "chill" area and Encinitas, in particular, is known for its casual, beachy vibe. That doesn't mean that its residents and those who visit don't appreciate the comforts of a swanky hotel, though, and there are plenty of gorgeous options in America's Finest City. Whether you are looking for a spa-like atmosphere or want to be in the heart of the bar/club scene, … [Read more...]

Your New Road Trip Planner: 6 Awesome Family Destinations in SoCal Area

The bonus of living in SoCal -- besides the temperate weather, youthful vibe, beautiful beaches, great food, hoppin' nightlife, etc., etc. -- is that there are so many places to go within 50 to 100 miles. There's no need to hop on a plane for your next adventure. Of course, living in Encinitas is exciting enough for most of us but if you've got the travel itch and can handle the never-ending "Are … [Read more...]

4 Budget Friendly Hotels in Encinitas

Home away from home? Visitors in town? A hotel party to disrupt the tourists? Whatever the occasion, it’s always good to know the best places to slumber in your neighborhood. Encinitas is notorious for its beauty and solace, and really, who wouldn’t want to come stay for awhile? In such a unique town, there are so many diverse areas to explore, and all of them offer plenty of exciting culture. … [Read more...]

Need a Spot to Throw the Football Around? Here Are 4 Great Parks in Encinitas

What makes a great park?  This is a trick question of course, as everyone's definition is different.  Urban Planners use the terms "passive" and "active" recreation to distinguish between quiet, contemplative spaces and park area designated for active sports.  The two uses are not always compatible, and in areas where parkland is scarce, like San Francisco and New York, passive spaces are often … [Read more...]