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Photo provided by: Stacey Brooke

I first met Stacey Brooke back in 2013 at Blackline MMA training gym. I’m not quite sure how two girls become friends in between the Russian kettlebell swing and the infamous kettlebell lunge press, but oddly enough we did. It’s been a pleasure knowing her ever since.

Stacey Brooke is the type of girl you’ll never forget. Her amazing personality, combined with her graceful and classy beach style, have made her a brand favorite throughout the surf, skate and swim industry. Stacey’s extensive list of credits include dozens of magazine features, covers, ad campaigns and billboards. Most impressive though is that Stacey is a free agent. A rarity in today’s modeling culture.

We recently caught up with Stacey, after her recent return from Bangkok, so that she could be our first ever “Coastal Community” feature. Once a month will feature a local within our community, that we think rocks!

it’s Encinitas: Can you give us a brief bio of yourself?

SB: Sure. I was born and raised in San Diego. I grew up enjoying the Southern California beach/active lifestyle and knew I wanted to stay in California for college.  I attended UCSD and got hired by Sony Online Entertainment right after graduating. I worked there for awhile but still felt a restlessness for adventure. It was at this time that I began to look for something new. Soon after, I was hired by Reef to work at the US Open of Surfing. It was after that, that I started doing print and event modeling part time. A year later, I decided to take modeling on full time.

it’s Encinitas: How long have you been modeling in San Diego?

SB: About 5 years.

it’s Encinitas: Where do you get your inspiration from?

SB: I am inspired by talented photographers who capture images that make you stop and say “WOW, that is an awesome photo”. Sometimes this is the result of great content, other times it’s the result of true creativity.

it’s Encinitas: Do you prefer shooting in studio or on location?

SB: I prefer both actually. On location is always amazing, because you get to travel to some awesome places and make an adventure out of getting the perfect shot. In studio though, you can render some amazing work as well. Sometimes it’s easier to work with a controlled environment, as it allows for more experimentation.

it’s Encinitas: What do you have coming up in 2015?

SB: I am hoping to focus mainly on fitness modeling and will be working internationally with old and new clients

it’s Encinitas: What has been your most fulfilling achievement as a model? What are your future career goals?

SB: My most fulfilling achievement would have to be being able to model full time as a free agent. I have never signed with an agent and continue to get my work by referrals and networking. This means a lot to me because I can build genuine relationships with people I work for and know that my work is speaking for itself.

For the future I am hoping to get more involved with fitness apparel and event modeling. I think it is important to stay active and healthy throughout your life and can continue to naturally relate to the fitness industry as a result

it’s Encinitas: Of all the places you’ve been, which stand out most?

SB: I’ve been traveling quite a bit more for work lately. I just returned from the Asia Fit convention in Bangkok (, which was an all new experience for me. It was delightful, but I would have to say that my favorite destination so far has been Oahu. The island is just so beautiful and is full of amazing things to see.

it’s Encinitas: What advice do you have for aspiring models in San Diego?

SB: I would advise them to have fun with it. There are lots amazing opportunities out there for every type of model and as long as you are happy, have a positive attitude and are enjoying yourself, the sky’s the limit.

it’s Encinitas: How long have you been living in Encinitas?  

SB: I’ve lived in Encinitas for about 3 years.

it’s Encinitas: Do you have a go-to coffee shop for all those early mornings?

SB: I’m sure this is no secret to locals, but I love Swami’s Cafe for coffee. It’s rich and complex with a smooth finish – enough oomph to get me moving in the morning. You’re also always guaranteed to see a smiling face behind the register!

it’s Encinitas: It’s Friday (or) Saturday night in Encinitas: What is your game plan?

SB: There are so many great spots here in Encinitas. Shelter is one of my favorites.  Their cocktail menu is full of specialty drinks that I’ve never seen anywhere else.  A true mixology bar.  BierGarden is good for a casual night out. It’s comfort food at its best and they featuring 32 local craft beers. If I’m looking for something along the lines of sushi, I always stop by East Village and enjoy their uncompromising quality.

it’s Encinitas: The holiday season is coming up, do you have any suggestions of where to shop?

SB: There are some really cute boutique shops in Encinitas that can provide unique gifts for the holidays. I definitely recommend walking in downtown Encinitas to check them out. Art-N-Soul, Coast Hwy TradersEcotopiia to name a few. 🙂 

it’s Encinitas:  Thank you Stacey for taking the time to sit down with us.  It was great seeing you again.

If you would like to know more about Stacey Brooke please visit her Intagram: @staceyybrooke (two y’s).

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