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Cardiff Seaside Market

Cardiff Seaside Market is a amazing gourmet market with the best of everything!  Their deli is outstanding, serving custom sandwiches including the famous Cardiff Crack beef sandwich and the best tuna sandwiches around.  They have many innovative salads, teryaki salmon that melts in your mouth, homemade desserts, cookies and cakes to name a few.  There is always a fresh soup and sushi delicacies and ready to go salads and sandwiches for those in a hurry.

Try their premium meats or seafood for dinner and add one of the numerous gourmet cheeses they have on stock.  They carry the best breads, scones and muffins from local bakeries with fresh coffee too.  They are one of the rare businesses that have the famous Julian Pies for sale. Their wine department is exceptional as is their produce.

Every manager of every department in Seaside is an expert and will be happy to help you make the best selections.  Situated across from the beach, campgrounds and heart of Cardiff, Seaside Market is a Cardiff gem not to be missed.  Make your next meal memorable by shopping at Seaside Market!

Spotlight Article: Seaside Market: It’s Not Just A Grocery Store; It’s a Phenomenon

The grocery store. Just hearing that makes most of us cringe, but we grab our lists and our coupons and muddle through, as grocery shopping is just one of those unavoidable realities. But when you feel like getting your vittles at a place that will not only make you happy, but overjoyed, it’s time to head to Seaside Market. Whether you live in Carlsbad, Oceanside, or downtown San Diego, you will make the trek to this Encinitas market, over and over again.

The whole act of hitting up Seaside is an experience –– from the four-legged furry friends that area always tied up outside in the bustling Cardiff Town Square to the fresh flowers and handmade candles that greet you once you enter. It’s like a party for your senses, and you’re automatically swept up in the enthusiasm of the other shoppers. The store is tiny. The carts are tiny. Even the aisles are tiny, but rubbing elbows with fellow members of the Cardiff community only seems to add to the experience.

The only word of warning we have is that, because it is a specialty grocery store, it’s a tad pricey, so it’s not the type of place you’ll want to go for your essentials. But, with unique nibbles from local vendors that you can’t get anywhere else, this is where you go when you’ve got people to impress. Health foodies will be glad to see the wide variety of all natural and organic foods. Everything from the Greenlee’s blueberry cinnamon bread and the Niman Ranch apple cinnamon breakfast sausage to the marinated shish-kabobs, seafood, and, of course, their famous burgundy tri-tip (aka Cardiff “crack”) is phenomenal.

The reason you’ve likely fallen in love with this place, as we have, is that it truly is a Mom ‘n’ Pop shop. Family-owned and operated since 1985, Seaside Market offers you everything that the grocery giants can’t offer — personality, unique products, and a lively shopping experience. Their motto is “The store for the way you live,” and if you frequent Encinitas, you know this to be true. Voted Best Gourmet Grocery in 2010 and 2011 by 10 News’ A-List series, Seaside has earned its stellar reputation. And, located a stone’s throw from the ocean, you’ll love that your fellow shoppers are usually clad in board shorts and tees with a light dusting of sand over their flip-flops.

While many people come here for the grass-fed beef and other high quality meats, it’s also a fantastic place to grab lunch. Their deli meat is top-notch, and you can grab a seat outside and enjoy the SoCal sun while you dine. Many times, they also have a stand outside, with Seaside folks cooking up their famous tri-tip sandwiches. It’s not just a grocery store. It’s a phenomenon.
We had the good fortune to ask Seaside Market manager Adam Zack some questions about our favorite gourmet grocery store, and here’s what he had to say about this wonderful place:

What do you think makes Seaside Market so successful?

Our commitment to our community and our customers. It’s the hundreds of donations, spending back with other businesses in the community, keeping our prices competitive and, offering consistent quality and service just being visible to our customers that keep our customers loyal.

What is your vision for the future of Seaside Market? (i.e.) more of the same or are you hoping to expand, etc.?)

Our immediate plans call for expansion into the gym space next to us (adding 5,000 sq feet) which will allow us to increase produce, floral, bakery, wine and non foods, as well as hot foods, deli offerings, frozen food and the addition of a community room loft for community events, wine tastings, cooking classes and more. We have no current plans for more stores, but that is not to say that if we see the right opportunity we won’t take advantage of it.

Specifically, what distinguishes you from your competition?

Our commitment to balance quality, selection, price and service that positions ourselves above our competitors.

Let’s talk “Cardiff Crack”! Everyone knows this is what you guys are famous for, but what are some of the other items at Seaside that you think are “must-tries”?

Cardiff Crack is by far our most famous item (we have even started its own website to be able to ship it all over the country) but we also are known for our Stone Beer Pork Chops, our handmade “to go” salads, our organic fresh in-store squeezed orange juice, our fresh seafood and our local flowers at great prices.

Your corner grocery store may be convenient but we highly suggest that, no matter where you are in SoCal, you get to Seaside Market. The hustle and bustle of this spot in Cardiff will invigorate you for the rest of your week. You’ll not only leave stocked with fantastic gourmet eats, but you’ll also feel as though you’ve just experienced a true taste of why Encinitas is San Diego’s premier seaside town.

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