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Home is located at 629 S Coast Highway 101 in Encinitas, CA Inspired by the music industry, you will find incredibly chic clothing, eye wear, jewelry and footwear.  A really fun place to check out and a big history with the likes of John Lennon and others.  Very super cool place.  Contact this business by calling 760-632-6880.

Spotlight Article: Home: A Mercantile Company

Hidden in plain sight amongst our eclectic boutique community is a store that few truly recognize. Its roots reach back to the 70’s when music legends mingled with fans at a place that everyone came to know as “HOME”.

You see -- Home was a place that was built for the music industry. It was at Home where the average joe could eat, drink, and mingle with some of the biggest names in entertainment.  It was also at Home, that some of the biggest names in entertainment - could also feel like any average person.  Founded and operated by Richard Ross, Home was conceived in 1969 and opened in 1970. Regulars that frequented “Home” included: John Lennon, Phil Spector, David Bowie, Richie Havens, May Pang, Badfinger, Jon Paris, Arlo Gutherie, and Bobby Nathan,  just to name a few. But it was Richard Ross’s relationship with John Lennon (who frequented Home) that really put “Home” on the map.

Richard and Lennon became fast friends in the early 70s due largely to Richard’s diagnoses and battle with Hodgkin’s disease. Both men, interestingly enough, shared a fear of death, that ultimately created a special pact between them. They created a signal amongst themselves that only they would recognize. Upon doing so,  Lennon gifted Richard with the phrase, “A MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE, RICHARD”, to signify that, “We are living in the now.” Lennon then took some of Richard’s HOME tee shirts and had them printed with the phrase as a gift to his dear friend.

Soon after, in 1972 Lennon was photographed for “Sometime In New York City” and wore his HOME t-shirt for the inside cover signaling to Richard that he was “living in the now”.  Fast forward 42 years and “Home” has transformed into a specialty clothing mercantile dedicated to it’s original creator,  Richard Ross. Home is known for selling cool contemporary brands like Obey, Lush and Piko, along with an in-house label of reworked, new and vintage apparel.

Home is definitely not your run-of-the-mill clothing mercantile. This place is a serious clothing destination, that has been attracting a growing circle of both rural devotees and urbanites; including some Encinitas socialites who frequent Home for their well-priced reworked designer selection.

So how did Home come to grace our Encinitas streets? Richard Ross’s nephew no less- Adrian Ross.  Back in 2002 Adrian Ross found himself working in a similar vintage shop. It was his dad, Michael Ross, (Richard Ross’s brother) that approached his son about bringing the family business, once again, a littler closer to home.

After much discussion, Home: A Mercantile Company was re-born. Since then, Adrian Ross has diligently been building his Home brand into what it is today.  We recently got a chance to sit down with Adrian, to talk shop, history and find out what really makes Home the success it is today.

So I think a question that is frequently asked by the masses to shop owners like yourself is:  What do you love most about owning your own shop?  What drives you to work everyday?

What I love the most about owning a local shop is being able to create an environment which is born out of my evolving visions. It's about supporting my family while manifesting a vision for how I’d like to live a passion-filled life. When I walk in these doors, it’s about Home and nothing else, and that alone, makes me feel happy. Sharing what I love with others, who show so much appreciation for the thought that I put into my brand and it’s wears, makes me extra happy.

Where were you born and how has that influenced you in your career?

I was born and raised in San Diego. My father turned me onto fashion at a young age. He taught me about his favorite designers- Giorgio Armani, Issey Miyaki and Andrew Fezza. This was in the mid 80′s you see, so it was mind blowing. He taught me about quality; how clothing should look and feel. Ever since then, I find inspiration in finding clothes that best fit my personality.

What's your best advice for new boutique owners?

Buy what you like and believe in. Have a passion for it and have a focus. Therefore it'll be easier for you to buy. If you're chasing something—someone else's success or a brand that is already successful or you're chasing something that already exists,  you'll never win. The only time you'll ever win is if you really have a passion and a belief for it and therefore you can present it, show it, sell it. I find that every time I think I should buy something for somebody else—for a man or woman who is not like me, someone who "would" like that or "might" like this— that particular item almost always ends up on the sale rack. The things where I walk in and say: "Oh my God, I love that" are the first things to walk out of our store.

What inspires you most within the boutique industry?

I am not overly inspired by clothing designers. I am inspired by people who can blend different looks together and wear them well. My take on fashion, as I have gotten older, is pulling off a timeless look that sits right outside the creator's box. I want every piece in my closet to be something I could still wear at 65. London is another place that has truly inspired me.

As I sit behind the counter (and Adrian begins to unpack his latest inspirations), I can't help but soak in the nostalgia of what makes Home such a remarkable brand. I also can't help but find a bit of serendipity when my ears hear,  The Beatles - "With A Little Help From My Friends” start playing over the radio. Without missing a beat, Adrian and I smirk and simultaneously begin to sing:

“What would you think if I sang out of tune

Would you stand up and walk out on me?

Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song

And I'll try not to sing out of key.

Oh I get by with a little help from my friends

Mm I get high with a little help from my friends

Mm going to try with a little help from my friends…”

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