San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The Safari Park is part of the SD Zoo so you know its got to be great; and it is!  Acres of land transformed into African plains where giraffes play and hippos and elephants enjoy the water and mud, lions sit on their hills observing the activities of the plains, and gazelles race by at incredible bursts of speed..  There is so much to see and do here, you will easily spend an entire day or weekend.  Evening concerts under the stars, special overnights and personalized mingling with these exotic animals is an option.  Great restaurants and eateries, children's areas, bus and tram rides throughout the park and plains for up close view of these amazing animals.  Baby center to see the new additions to the park.  Don't miss the colorful birds throughout the park including hundreds of pink flamingos, colorful parrots and cockatoos.  A wondrous place to spend quality family time.  Hot in summer months but lots of shaded areas to sit,  Come on Safari!

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