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Soulscape Gift & Book Store

Soulscape Gift & Book Store is located at 765 S Coast Highway 101 # 106 in Encinitas, CA.This is so much more than a bookstore though... you will find cards, gifts, gems, religious items, jewelry, scarves, clothing, windchimes,incense and a care staff willing to help you.  You will love shopping here and feel so welcome.  You can contact this business by calling 760 753- 2345.

Spotlight Article: Souled: Getting Conscious at SoulScape Gift and Book Store

With everything from energy healing crystals to hangable Rumi quotes, SoulScape is a beautifully stocked chunk of nirvana in the Lumberyard Complex.  Skeptic or believer, it's an ooomm-ey kind of place where you hang your troubles at the door.

Unlike some of the other metaphysical meccas you may have frequented, this bookstore and gift shop leans more towards an upscale boutique.  That bazaar-like feel, the perfect-for-browsing layout, and a knowledgable, passionate staff really sets SoulScape apart.  While the store has those staples you'd expect to find in your spirit shopping (tarot cards, boxes upon boxes of incense) it also caters to a wider audience.  Like if Deepak Chopra, Pangea, and Martha Stewart came together to make a gift shop baby, their kid would be SoulScape.  SoulScape's merchandise is top notch, beautiful, relevant, and carefully curated.  The staff goes to great lengths to make sure they're offering the best available product and it shows.  Here, you'll find everything from gorgeous Mother's Day cards to the coolest yoga pants (there are real photos of deer on them!) for your downward facing dogs.

Originally called Heaven on Earth when it first opened, SoulScape owner, Lorraine Telnack bought the store back in 2003.  The store's tagline is "Discover Your Soul" and it describes itself as "promoting conscious living."

The store's merchandise is wide and varied, but much of it falls into either "For the home" or "For the spirit."  Spirit-wise, the yoga wear is a cut above.  The spot carries some of the most popular, fashion-forward brands for the Crow Pose like Third Eye Threads and Spiritual Gangster.  This place is like an inner peace superstore, and they even carry more obscure items like meditation pillows.  Anything and everything you need for chakra clearing, it's likely you'll find it within these walls.

For the bookworms among us, there are hundreds of books including ones on eastern philosophies, meditation, personal growth, reiki, new thought, spirituality, yoga, nutrition, Buddhism, and healing.  From Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements to a library of Louise Hay, this is a huge selection that includes all the essentials, boasting both the classics and the newest releases.

There is a CD section filled with stacks of devotional music, and it's the largest collection in the area.  The tracks include nature sounds, instrumentals, and guided meditations.  The store also carries and impressive collection of crystals and minerals.  The SoulScape staff is passionate about finding the best available rocky beauties and often attends the annual Tucson Gem Show.  In 2014, they brought home over three thousand pounds of these sparkly goods from the event.

Some of the store's most popular items are their small deity statues; the over 50 different kinds of incense, and the Aloha Bay salt lamps that glow from their spot on the southernmost wall.  Body care gifts also fly off the shelves - things like bath salts and essential oils.

Personally, I love the home decor at SoulScape.  I've purchased everything from handcrafted magnets to black and white box signs with messages like "If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, Then They're Not Big Enough."  The selection of ocean and beach inspired decor is always beautiful and changing, and they carry top-of-the-line candles which are perfect for gifting (but be selfish: get them for yourself).

Interview with Lorraine Telnack, Owner of SoulScape Gift and Book Store

What inspired you to get into this business?

I've just always had a calling to be of service to the community.

What was your vision when you first started?

To provide quality gifts and books to the community.

What is your favorite thing to do in Encinitas?

Probably to go to Moonlight Beach.

What's your favorite thing about what you do now?

The customers.  Seeing their joy in finding the gifts that I found joy in when I found them.

Whether you have Christmas shopping to do, you're looking to get centered after a stressful Monday, or you're just looking to improve yourself in some way, SoulScape is a fabulous resource just down the road.  Namaste, SoulScape.  Thanks for bringing a little Shangri-La - a deep pranayama breath - to our beachy hamlet.

Where is your favorite place to eat in Encinitas? 

There are so many.  I loved the downtown restaurants like Siamese Basil and Kim's.  Those are probably my two favorites.

Is there is a particular mantra that you live by?  Or a particular book that has stayed with you?

Just to live every day to the fullest.  Book-wise, The Alchemist.

What are some of your secrets to success?

Just to live life to the fullest and from your heart.

SoulScape Gift & Book Store, 765 S Coast Highway 101, Encinitas, CA 92024 | (760) 753-2345 |‎

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