Amusement Parks in Encinitas

Although there are many local amusement parks around Encinitas, the cheapest and most fun is on the beach and we have miles to play on! Local Parks are super fun too.

Best rated Amusement Parks listings


Little ones and big kids alike love Legoland.  Dads love legos too and remember the hours of their childhood constructing and playing with these great toys.  Well, Legoland is so magical and full of amazing lego masterpieces, it bound to delight the kid in everyone.  Rides, food, special events happen daily and membership is available.  […]

Sea World

You can see Sea World from most destinations in San Diego as it has a tall tower that designates that you have arrived at the most amazing ocean park on earth!  Come visit the whales, seals, dolphins and many amazing sea creatures on display and touchably close.  An all day adventure park filled with rides, […]

Belmont Park

A seaside amusement park with roller coaster, games, dining, swimming right on the ocean in Pacific Beach makes for a fun day playing at the beach.  Have your picture taken in the mouth of a great white, try a cotton candy or cameled apple and enjoy the fun!