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Cardiff Sports Park

Cardiff Sport Park had well maintained ball fields, childrens’ playstructures, restrooms and lots of shady trees to picnic or nap under.  Walking paths ideal for kids to ride bikes or scooters.  Lots of parking and shaded spots to keep your car cool.  Many children and adult kickball leagues play here.  Safe and fabulous place to […]

Wiro Park

Wiro Park was named after one of Encinitas’ founding fathers, a German settler in this area.  It is a secluded, and beautful spot to walk, hold your next event or party.  There are three great tables and a grasst field where folk like to picnic, walk and play with their dogs. It is a bit […]

Hawk View Park

Hawk View Park if a little pocket par perfect for everyone.  Play equipment s new and imaginative.  There is a circular slide and two lower toddler slides.  Big and large swings.  No bathrooms but there is an expansive green belt to play soccer, run wild with your dog or do cartwheels!

Mildred MacPherson Park

Mildred MacPherson park has a great playground, shade, picnic tables a basket bal court and walking trails.  It is located conveniently on Vulcan near Leucadia Blvds.