Zoos and Aquariums in Encinitas

The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park might be two of the best attractions San Diego has to offer. Both are about a 35 minute drive from Encinitas and well worth the trip. The San Diego Zoo is located in Balboa Park and houses over 3,700 animals. It's a gorgeous park with plenty of shade and entertainment for both kids and adults. The San Diego Safari Park, located near Escondido, is equally as entertaining. It houses many endangered animals and offers a tram ride through a free range enclosure featuring antelopes, giraffes, buffalo, cranes, and rhinoceros.

Best rated Zoos and Aquariums listings

San Diego Zoo

The world renowned San Diego Zoo has no rival.  This spectacular zoo is spread out on acres of land with carefully designed areas that are a splendor to explore.  Tiger Habitat, polar bears floating in glass tanks dazzle your eyes.  The areas are divided by world regions from Africa to Indonesia, all a wonder to […]

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The Safari Park is part of the SD Zoo so you know its got to be great; and it is!  Acres of land transformed into African plains where giraffes play and hippos and elephants enjoy the water and mud, lions sit on their hills observing the activities of the plains, and gazelles race by at […]

Birch Aquarium

This famous aquarium is part of the Scripps Institute and sits near La Jolla and the pier.  The ocean’s trenches here are very big and a great source for some of the amazing species you can view here.  There are many learning opportunities including kids camps, lectures and special events.  Great minds work here and are […]