The 3 Best Ways to Travel via Public Transportation in Encinitas

public transportation in encinitas

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Let’s face it, we’re no New York City. We don’t have subways and cabs constantly surrounding us, ready to take us wherever we need to go at all times. It would take us quite some time to walk from place to place, and downtown is a pretty decent drive away from us. With that being said, scenic drives are one of the best aspects about living in Encinitas. Instead, coastal highways and curvy backroads through lagoons and mountains are what we have surrounding us to take us where we need to go. We may not have the same structure as NYC, but we have a legitimate selection of public transportation with a much better view.

1. The Coaster

The Coaster is our coastal train that runs North and South both ways from Oceanside to downtown San Diego each and every day. Beginning early in the morning, and calling it quits around 10:00 at night, the Coaster has seven stops in some of the larger coastal areas including Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Sorrento Valley, Old Town, and Encinitas. Picking up at D street in downtown Encinitas, the Coaster will take you to any of these areas for $5.50 a trip, with the option of buying monthly passes for those who use it as a regular method of traveling. Especially those who live in Encinitas and work in the city or vise versa, the Coaster beats waiting in San Diego highway traffic every time. Plus, the mountainous and coastal scenery doesn’t hurt either.

2. The Breeze

The Breeze is another name for the metropolitan bus system that journeys all throughout San Diego. Although some consider the bus system a bit more time consuming due to frequent stopping, it is still one of the most effective ways of getting around, especially in Encinitas. There are bus stops located all throughout the town that will get you from residential areas to commercial areas without any problems. The bus is a cheaper method of traveling, and is not confined to just the coast. Whether you’re looking to travel within the realms of Encinitas, or go to your place of work South and inland, the Breeze will get you there.

3. The Sprinter

The Sprinter is another train system, except instead of traveling coastal, it travels Northern in larger inland areas. This train, alternatively, only travels throughout North County San Diego rather than all the way down into San Diego. Connecting to the bus stations as well as the Coaster in Oceanside, the Sprinter stops in areas like Escondido, San Marcos, and Vista all of which are neighboring Encinitas. Also serving as a more affordable way of traveling, a one way trip is $2.00 as it is for the Breeze. Conveniently, a daily ticket or monthly pass purchased can be used interchangeably between both the Breeze and the Sprinter. A monthly pass, costing around $60.00 a month can transport someone within Encinitas and throughout San Diego.

All in all, if you’re looking to get around and the costly rates of a taxi don’t appeal to you nor the availability of bicycle friendly roads, and a car is not in the books at the time, look to the Coaster, the Breeze and the Sprinter. Between the three of these public transit options, one is sure to get you where you’re going.



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